History of Gary’s Walk

To visit Gary’s bench and raise money for awareness and screening for esophageal cancer! Over the last twelve years, over $127,312.00 has been raised in total for RCH. In August 2014 two gastroscopes were purchased for $46,133.00. The first scope is a general gastroscope that is used every day at RCH, to treat acute bleeding from ulcers or varices arising from liver disease. This equipment allows the physician to diagnose and treat the problem all in one procedure by taking biopsies. The second scope is a nasal-jejunal gastroscope. This is a special piece of equipment that is used for patients who cannot be sedated or have illnesses causing strictures which will not allow the use of normal gastroscopes. With newer gastroscopes, physicians are able to obtain higher HD resolution and diagnose illness with greater accuracy.

The third scope purchased in 2017, is a transnasal scope for $38,121.09. It is a thin scope, less than half the size of the conventional EGD scope. It provides excellent visualization of the throat, esophagus, upper stomach, lower stomach and the duodenum (first part of the small intestine). It assists in detecting esophageal masses that may not be detectable with the use of a regular sized scope.

This year 2021, RCH will be buying a new scope with the money raised through Gary’s Walk. This scope will be used for a medical endoscopic procedure called, Argon plasma coagulation (APC). It is used to control bleeding from certain lesions in the gastrointestinal tract and administered during esophagogastroduodenoscopy or colonoscopy. It is an endoscope that sends argon gas with an electric current to heal the lesion.

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Feb, 2021

Twelfth Annual Walk

For the month of April, 2021 we have decided to do a virtual walk to accommodate the covid limitations. A virtual walk is a real walk, but on your terms: You get choose your own course, what time you start, and who walks next to you! The walking is real—it’s the community that’s virtual.    To inspire you..Read More

Feb, 2020

“Donation Dollars at Work” Pictures of scopes purchased

Click on the link of the main page to see some pictures of scopes that have been purchased at RCH with Gary’s Walk donations.

Feb, 2020

Eleventh Annual Walk Canceled due to COVID-19

The eleventh annual walk will take place on April 26th, 2020. $121, 112.00 has been raised up until this point.

Feb, 2019

Tenth annual walk

Tenth annual walk

The walk was on April 29th 2019. We raised $9,165.00 last year and over $100,00 in total up to this point.

Apr, 2018

Ninth Annual Walk

April 29th 2018 the Ninth Annual Walk at Minnekhada

Mar, 2018

2018 New RCH billboard

In 2017 the Smiths did a new photo shoot to update pictures of RCH. The new picture includes Blake and Kaitlyn Vander Helm. In April 2018 one of the pictures was posted on a billboard outside Royal Columbian Hospital.

Mar, 2018

Gary’swalk added to Instagram

Gary’s walk has been added to Instagram with the help of Cliff Blank. Pictures from the 9th annual walk will be posted

Mar, 2018

New Gary’s walk donation page created by RCH

Feb, 2018

Up until this point over $100,000 has been raised

And three scopes purchased for RCH

Apr, 2017

Eighth Annual Walk

April 30th 2017 was the Eighth Annual Walk at Minnkhada

Feb, 2017

Over $90,000 raised and third scope purchased!!

Up until this point over $90,000 was raised and $38,121.09 was put toward the purchase of the a third scope at RCH. It is a thin transnasal scope, less than half that of the conventional EGD scope. It assists in detecting esophageal masses that may not be detectable with us..Read More

Apr, 2016

Seventh Annual Walk

April 24th the Seventh Annual Walk at Minnekhada

Apr, 2016

2016 RCH billboard

A billboard advertising the walk has been set up outside the Royal Columbian Hospital.

Sep, 2015

Article in RCH Foundation Magazine

Article published about the walk in the ‘Health Matter’ RCH foundation Magazine Fall 2015 Edition

Apr, 2015

Sixth Annual Walk

April 26th 2015 was the Sixth Annual Walk at Minnekhada

Apr, 2015

2015 newspaper article

Article published in The Province local paper about Gary’s Walk. It was titled ‘Family Fights Back Against Cancer’

Aug, 2014

$65,692 has been raised and two scopes were purchased!!

Up until this point $65,692 has been raised for awareness and screening of esophageal cancer at RCH. In August 2014 2 gastroscopes were purchased for $46,133.00

Apr, 2014

Fifth Annual Walk

April 27th 2014 the Fifth Annual Walk at Minnekhada

Mar, 2014

New E-newsletter created and Gary’swalk on twitter

A new e-newsletter was created by Cliff Blank to invite guests to the walk and inform them of where previous donations have gone. Gary’swalk was also created on Twitter by Cliff Blank

May, 2013

Over $40,000 raised up until this point

Over the last four years over $40,000 was raised for equipment that would detect cancer at RCH.